Message from the Chairman

Education is our passport to the future … it belongs to every child that prepares for it today.

It is with a sense of pride and pleasure that I share with you the Maju Insitute of Educational Development (MIED) Annual Report for the fiscal and educational year 2018. It has been a momentous year for MIED and this annual report celebrates the successes we have achieved and outlines the challenges in the year ahead.

In our quest for a better society, education is the most powerful medium for achieving this objective. When MIED was formed in 1984, we embarked on our vision to help make higher education affordable and accessible to all deserving and needy Indian students.

MIED’s success does not begin and end with the duration of the educational loan. By promoting excellence involving every level of education, from primary to tertiary, MIED will help our Indian students to become leaders in their chosen fields, achieve their personal and career goals and contribute effectively to the well – being of the society and the country.

The MIED Education Loan program is funded from a revolving fund in which the money is used over and over to improve programs and service quality, and enable us to extend our benefits to an ever increasing number of borrowers in the future. We know that higher education provides intrinsic benefits, as well as economic benefits, to individuals and to our society as a whole. Moreover, MIED’s Board of Trustees and management team have also made a significant commitment to increase support for programs that directly benefit families and students.

Our generation’s future is not our own, but an active preparation for the next. Tomorrow belongs to our children. So it is vital for us to adapt them as fast and as comfortably as possible. We recognize that the pursuit of educational success begins early; the launching of UPSR Revision Book Scheme and Achiever’s Award has produced tremendous advancements as far as the academic accomplishment of Tamil schools are concerned. However, we fully recognize that our ability to deliver the exceptional services we offer is directly tied to our prudent stewardship of the available resources we have. Fortunately, MIED has exceptional leadership, a strong foundation on which to build, and many partners who could help make a difference in the lives of families and students for generations to come.

The success of 2018 is an excellent springboard for 2019. We want to establish ourselves as the prevalent private educational loan providers in the country. Nevertheless, we are confident that we will adapt as needed to maintain our high level of customer satisfaction and continue offering accessible, affordable loan programs well into the foreseeable future.

It is the polished jewel that shines brightest. Our employees are our most prized resource. Each and every one of them is a valuable asset as much for their dedication as well as for the promise of their fullest potential. My special thanks to the staff and management for their dedication and untiring efforts to envision MIED to what it is today. To our trustees, we wish to place on record our heartfelt appreciation for your faith in us and we will continue to hold you in high regard.

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri  SA Vigneswaran